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It focuses on educating, serving, and organizing cultural and life-skill training programs to foster self-sufficiency among not only Somali Bantu but also other East African refugees. Our comprehensive services, offered free of charge, have supported over 10,000 plus refugees, encompassing translation,

ESL, citizenship support, employment, and health services, among others. The SBAOA’s mission is rooted in aiding refugees’ adaptation to American life, enhancing their journey towards integration and independence.

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“As the founder of Somali Bantu Association of America, I believe deeply in the power of community and compassion to transform the lives of refugees. Our goal is not just to help them survive, but to thrive, as they become invaluable members of our society.”

Our Mission

The mission of SBAOA is to educate, serve, and organize cultural and life-skill training programs to promote self-sufficiency among immigrant and refugee families.

Empowering Refugees

We provide comprehensive support to refugees, helping them integrate into new communities and build fulfilling lives.

Legal Aid for Immigrants

Offering essential legal services to navigate immigration processes like citizenship and asylum applications.

Financial Independence

We enable refugees and immigrants to achieve financial stability and success in the U.S. and in Somalia.

Nutritional Support

Our Food Pantry ensures families in need have access to nutritious food and vital supplies.

Skill Development

We focus on helping people gain practical skills training for self-employment and career growth.

Youth Engagement

Dedicated to nurturing the talents and aspirations of young people through sports, arts, and educational activities.

The “Tea & Talk Program” focuses on raising mental health awareness and combating hate. It organizes events for discussions over tea and snacks, aiming to break mental health stigmas and foster understanding. The program invites individuals and groups to join and support mental health initiatives in their communities.

Immigrant Services offers legal assistance for various immigration processes, including citizenship, asylum, green card applications, and family reunification. We provide these services in a trauma-informed, respectful environment, with a focus on free legal aid and citizenship exam preparation for eligible individuals.

The “Asset Program” assists refugees and immigrants in the U.S. for less than five years. It focuses on building their financial futures, offering opportunities for home and vehicle purchases, starting businesses, and furthering education. This initiative aims to empower individuals through access to essential resources, enhancing their confidence and potential.

The Food Pantry program provides essential supplies such as food, diapers, and period supplies to families in need. Operating every Friday from their San Diego location, the program ensures community members have access to high-quality, nutritious food along with other necessary items. This initiative reflects their commitment to supporting and empowering their community, especially those facing hardships.

The “We Dream” program offers various life skill courses to prepare students for self-employment and micro-enterprises. The program includes clerical training, cooking, childcare training, and sewing, focusing on practical skills for career development and self-sufficiency. These courses aim to empower participants, offering job placement, certification, and opportunities to showcase their work.

The Youth Program is designed for new arrivals and local youth. It offers a safe environment for learning, growth, and skill development. Activities include sports, arts and crafts, and educational workshops. The program also focuses on mentorship and leadership development, helping youth build confidence and achieve their goals. The staff and volunteers are committed to providing an inclusive, engaging experience for all participants.

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Latest Happenings

Our latest community initiatives and impactful moments from our team and volunteers.


“I am extremely grateful for the USCIS/USCRI Citizenship program in partnership with SBAOA. It has played a crucial role in helping immigrants, including myself, navigate the complexities of becoming American citizens. This program serves as an essential starting point for those uncertain about initiating their citizenship journey. The high demand within our community reflects its significance. The citizenship classes offered are exceptional, providing detailed knowledge about the citizenship process, including the necessary procedures and rights. My heartfelt thanks go to USCIS, USCRI, and SBAOA for their unwavering support of immigrants seeking citizenship. This partnership has been immensely beneficial, and I am now proudly a U.S. citizen because of it. I earnestly wish for this valuable collaboration to continue, positively influencing many more lives in the future. Thank you.”

Halima Kangame

How can I access your legal aid services for immigrants?

Our legal aid services cover a range of immigration processes. Contact us directly for personalized assistance and to understand the eligibility criteria.

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