Clear Path Afghan

The Primary Goals of CLEAR PATH are to help refugees in the City Heights area, achieve stability through programming that develops community support, provides language services and education, develops job skills and increases the likelihood of gainful employment.


This program has not only helped me achieve something that I thought would take years, but it has also provided me with a newfound sense of financial education and empowerment. With the assistance of the IDA program, I was able to obtain a car, which has opened countless opportunities for me. I can now pursue better job prospects and continue my education, deepening my knowledge in financial education. This program has truly helped me discover my purpose in life, igniting a passion for finance and inspiring me to pursue an education in this field. I am immensely grateful to the ORR and SBAOA for changing my life in such a profound way. I sincerely hope that this partnership continues for many more years, as our community greatly benefits from programs like this.

Abdullah M Zadran