Immigration Services

SBAOA offers an array of immigration legal services. Our services are offered in a healing atmosphere with respect and compassion. Each of our immigration staff has been trained in trauma-informed practices which leads to more effective representation. 

  • Legal Services Include:
  • Citizenship
  • Asylum
  • Green Card Applications
  • Family Reunification
  • Family Petitions
  • Temporary Protected Status Applications
  • Spouse and Fiancée Visas
  • USCIS Appointment Assistance
  • Case Research
  • Citizenship Program


I am extremely grateful for the USCIS/USCRI Citizenship program in partnership with SBAOA. It has played a crucial role in helping immigrants, including myself, navigate the complexities of becoming American citizens. This program serves as an essential starting point for those uncertain about initiating their citizenship journey. The high demand within our community reflects its significance. The citizenship classes offered are exceptional, providing detailed knowledge about the citizenship process, including the necessary procedures and rights. My heartfelt thanks go to USCIS, USCRI, and SBAOA for their unwavering support of immigrants seeking citizenship. This partnership has been immensely beneficial, and I am now proudly a U.S. citizen because of it. I earnestly wish for this valuable collaboration to continue, positively influencing many more lives in the future. Thank you.

Halima Kangame