As elected September 1, 2018- Board of Trustees

Trustee Officers

Chairman of the Board /Co-founder
Garrett Cullen
Website Owner

Vice Chairman
Omar Abdi A
Owner, “Brother’s Market”

President/Chief Executive Officer and Founder/Treasurer
Said Osman A Abiyow
Program Manager ECSH.

Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer and Co-Founder, Secretary
Patricia Moore
Employment Case Manager/Intake Director ECSH.

Board Memeber
Molly M.T. Ahern
Community Volunteer Organizer/Artist

Board Member, Director of Operations and Community Relations
Abdi Mwechiwa
Team Leader, San Diego Airport Security

Advisory Board Members 2017

Mental Health Services Advisor, Advisory Board Chair
Dr. Don Miller

Realty Advisor
Kevin Thene
Commercial Realtor, Vice Chair

Food Services Advisor
Samuel Smith
Food Services Industry

 Board Member,Housing Safety Advisor
Brendan Ahern
Owner – Homefront Inspections LLC

Financial Advisor
Lionel Hernandez
Accountant (Contractor)

Committee Advisory Board Members

Abucar Abikar
Arab Deh
Khadija Osman
Kevin Thene
Tegest Alemu
Hannah Smith
Jeanne Campbell

Employees/Staff Members/Volunteers August 01,2020:

President/Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Said Osman A Abiyow.

Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer and Co-Founder
Patricia Moore

Ifrah Salad, Director at the SBAOA Training Center,                                                                                                                                       Intake Director ECSH

Vounteer Manager at the SBAOA Training Center/                                                                                                                                       Safiya Hussein.

Vacant. Now Hiring – Administration Assistant/Secretary

Elizabeth Rosas  –  S.T.A.N.D Program Manager-Volunteer

Madina Meganow  –   S.T.A.N.D Program Assistant

Kafiya Hirsi  – Receptionist

Maryam Abdi – Youth President-Unity Youth Committee (Inspiring Future Leadership)

Lionel Hernandez – Bookkeeper (Contractor)

Mustaf Lala – Driver

Vacant – Custodian

Maria Sanchez – Custodian

Ahmed Farah – Driver  – Logistic Assistant

Jessica Nurack – Business Development Director/Grant Writer (Contractor)


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