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Immigrant Services

SBAOA’s citizenship courses will offer naturalization interview preparation for eligible clients and the Alliance DOJ OLAP accredited representative will conduct a mock interview with clients. Potential beneficiaries will be identified and connected to the program via outreach to the community, in-reach through SBAOA programs, and referrals from community partners.

All potential participants will undergo a 45-minute interview with the SBAOA’s Case Manager. Client eligibility will be verified utilizing the same standards set forth by USCIS for U.S. employers. If the client is ineligible for the citizenship and naturalization services, the individual will be connected with appropriate services at the SBAOA and referred to external resources as needed. Alongside eligibility for the program, the intake interview will also establish the client’s linguistic, employment, legal, and any immediate referral needs. For those beneficiaries with English skills, a separate meeting will be arranged with the ESL and Citizenship Instructor who will administer an ESL assessment. Following intake, clients determined to be eligible for the program will be enrolled in appropriate services and an Individual Assessment Plan meeting will be scheduled with the Case Manager.