Heart to Heart Project Humanitarian Relief in Somalia

Heart to Heart Donations Item Value to Somali Bantu Association of America to transport to Somali- $134, 482,18.

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SBAOA Factsheet:

Facts & Figures: Famine and severe food insecurity killed 258 000 people between October 2010 and April 2012
Number of IDPs: 1.1 million
Somali refugees in the region: Over 1 million

Other important facts:

Population in need of humanitarian assistance: 870 000 in acute food
insecurity, 2.3 million ‘stressed’ – fragile food insecurity (FAO)
One out of six children is acutely malnourished.
One in 10 Somali children die before their first birthday. One in 12 women die from pregnancy related causes.

Pictures of our team in action, handing out medicine supplies in Somalia:

Somali Bantu Association of America

Somali Bantu Association of America

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