Staff/Volunteer/Board Members


As elected November 13,2016- Board of Trustees 

Chairman of the Board  / Co-founder
Garrett Cullen
Website Designer  

Vice Chair lady /Co-founder 
Patricia Moore
Recruiting/Hiring Manager (DOD Civilian Contractor)

Madina Megenow
Youth Advocate Director

Treasurer and Community Business Development
Omar  Abdi

Director of Operations and Community Relations 
Abdi Mwechiwa
Role Player/Team Leader (DOD Civilian Contractor)

Advisory Board Member
Dr. Don Miller
Psychologist- Committee Advisory

Advisory Board Member
Ali Arwah-Committee Advisory

Advisory Board Member
Abucar Abikar-Committee Advisory

Advisory Board Member
Arab Deh-Committee Advisory

Advisory Board Member
Barkhadle Awmang-Committee Advisory

Advisory Board Member
Musse Gurra-Committee Advisory

Volunteer/Staff Members:

President/Chief Executive Officer and  Founder
Said Osman A Abiyow
Culture Advisor/Site Manager (DOD Civilian Contractor)

Ifrah Salad     –Executive Director

Khamar Abdi         – EWE -Intake Director

Rickie Brown – Support Service Manager

Seham Nur  – Youth President-Unity Youth Committe   (Inspiring Future Leadership)

Samir Abdirizak – Youth  Vice-President-Unity Youth Committe (Inspiring Future Leadership)

Zuhayb Abdullah – Youth Secretary -Unity Youth Committe (Inspiring Future Leadership)

Dave Yoshida –Accountant – Contractor

Farhiyo Sheikh– Youth Advocate/tutoring and Mentor/ESL Instructor

Gebrehiwot Haliu- Community Out-reach

Miriam Abdi – Office Assistant in Training

Khadija Osman- Family Childcare Business
Micro -Development/Women Dance Group

Maganey  Ramazani- Micro -Development/Women Dance Group

Tegest Alemu – Out-Reach Coordinator Translation

Jeanne Campbell-ESL Instructor