Featured Event Somali Bantu Association of America
Featured Event Somali Bantu Association of America
Featured Event Somali Bantu Association of America
Featured Event Somali Bantu Association of America

Somali Bantu Association of America

Make a Donation to our upcoming event, RAJA! = HOPE SBAOA’S Annual Cultural Celebration! September 16, 2017

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New Senior Program

IMG_0001SBAOA  Senior Club provides an opportunity for the elders of our community to come together and benefit from one another’s support. While senior refugees can sometimes feel isolated, SBAOA is happy to assist in providing opportunities for seniors to socialize and share their wisdom. With their traditional skills and cultural knowledge, SBAOA elders are an integral part of our community!

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Music/ art therapy
  • Field trips and Transport Doctors Appointments
  • Outdoor activities
  • Educational sessions for citizenship and ESL


Special thanks:

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On December 11th our children received CPR Training and learned how to save lives.






Check out their amazing day!

SBAOA Receives Van From Las Patronas

Somali Bantu Association if America received a Van from Las Patronas. Thank you for your support!


RAja 6

RAja 5

The event took place at the Colinas Del Sol Park  on Saturday, September 19th. Children as young as a few months ranging to grandparents enjoyed the beautiful weather, and learned about the impact that the Somali Bantu Association is making on refugees in our community.

Jose Navarro  from District Attorney ’ office Spoke and Presented Proclamations , Council Member Merti Emerald  from Mayor office spoke and presented Raja!= Hope Check to the SBAOA in recognition of this special day.

The event was sponsored in part by County of San Diego,City of San Diego,Workforce Resources LLC, Alliance For African Assistance and Garrett Culleen,Partica Moore.

Photo credit: Chris Herd

The SBAOA team is already rolling up their sleeves to plan the next event – if you would like to help out, we would love to have you! Please email Said Abiyow at saidabiyow@sbaoa.org


Sponsor List:

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County of San Diego

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City of San Diego


WorkForce Resources LLC.


Allaince for African Assistance

Payless Furniture

Garrett Culleen

A 501c3 Non-profit Organization #27-3390

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to provide the guidance and services needed to empower and aid Somali Bantu and other refugees as they integrate into American society.

Our Vision

The Somali Bantu Association of America (SBAOA) provides educational, cultural, and life-skill training programs in an effort to promote self-sufficiency within and among the individuals and families comprising not only the Somali Bantu community, but all refugees, immigrants, and low-income families and individuals in need of service.

The Association has focused on education as a means of “bridging the gap” for refugees and as such provides a full range of workshops and classes to meet their needs.

Raja = Hope

Imagine that you have barely escaped a war-torn country in East Africa, you and your family fleeing for your life…. that you have come to this country with no money, no resources, no support or connections…

Imagine that you have no knowledge of the English language, that you have never driven a car, that you’ve grown up in a rural community with no knowledge of the basics of urban living….that you’re unable to provide your family with the means to survive, that you have no idea how to go about accessing medical services and other benefits in your new homeland….

Imagine…. That you’re a refugee with nowhere to turn to for help.

This is the kind of people that the Somali Bantu Association of America (SBAOA) serves each and every day. People who came to this country with little more than the clothes on their backs, and hearts full of hope. Hope that they could start their lives anew, hope that there could be a helping hand to help them get on their feet, hope that they were not alone.

This is the critical role that the SBAOA plays for refugees from all across East Africa, not only Somali Bantu, but refugees from Kenya, Burundi, Somalia, and other countries. Each year, we provide more than 3,000 refugees and their families vital services such as:

  • Language and Citizenship Skills
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Employment and Housing
  • Youth Programs

For us, Raja — hope — is more  than a empty word. It is a promise that we will use our time, talent, skills and dedication to help these refugees adjust to their new lives. To give them the “leg up” needed to ensure that their new lives won’t be as difficult as the ones they left behind in war-torn countries in Africa.

We can only do this with your help.

Your donation helps us plant “Raja” in the hearts and lives of thousands of refugees who depend on organizations like SBAOA to enable them to become self-sufficient, well- adjusted new members of our community.Your gift in any amount makes that hope real.

Please give today.  

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and healthy and happy New Year,


Said Osman Abiyow, President/CEO
Somali Bantu Association of America

Our History

historyFounded in 2009 as a resource for refugee families seeking to adjust to their new lives in the United States, the Somali Bantu Association of America (SBAOA) educates, serves, and organizes cultural and life-skill training programs in an effort to promote self-sufficiency among the individuals and families comprising not only the Somali Bantu community, but all East African refugees in and around City Heights including Somalis, Congolese, Burundian, Ugandan, Sudanese and other immigrants. Our clients include men and women, children and seniors, and our services are offered free of charge. Last year, we served over 3,000 refugees in our community.

Somali Bantu Discrimination History in the Somalia

Our Needs

SBAOA does not charge for its services, and as a nonprofit organization, relies on the generous support of the community to sustain its programs. In addition to financial support, we welcome in-kind contributions (products or services), as well as volunteer involvement in many different areas. Please contact Said Abiyow, President/CEO for more information on how you can be involved.


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